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I went and got myself a new job a few weeks ago. After a counter-offer from my previous employer and excruciating perseveration over my career, I took the new job.

On paper, it's a better job. Same $, within walking distance to my house, benefits, free food, 401k, etc etc etc. It was the obvious and adult choice.

I am halfway through training on day one. One of the dumbest people I have ever met is in charge of my training. People barely talk to one another, there's a maudlin sense of going nowhere fast pervading the entire workforce.


In no way was I happy at my last job, but I was afraid to take this very rigid, corporate position. My fears are pretty much coming to the fore in front of my eyes, and I know I can't tell anyone IRL about them. "Give it time" they'll say. How much time does it take to know somewhere isn't for you?

Farce has fucked up professionally yet again. I'm sure everyone will be shocked to hear it.

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