1. There's this male human at my work who is a patron and on wheels. I hates him. Every time he sees me, he's always like, "Aww, bumbles, you look like you're sweet sixteen." He smells and one time he trapped me in a corridor to tell me this. Then he looked at my wombal area, because that day I was wearing doga pants. Yesterday I had my back to the counter because I was putting some holds away, and he was all, "Hey, YOU IN THE CORNER, you look like you're sweet sixteen! DID YOU HEAR ME??? I SAID YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE SWEET SIXTEEN!!!" And I'm supposed to smile at him and thank him for his compliment. I didn't, actually, I neutralfaced and said "uh huh."

2. I have/had a male human friend. This human works in some sort of high clearance job, and one day he'd decided to find out how old I was. So he combed through five years of Book of Face entries to find a picture of me when I'd shaved my furs off (it was for Locks of Love). And then he saved it. And now whenever I try to banter with him, he'd post that picture in our messages. And I'd tell him that that was creepsy. So gradually I stopped talking to him.

Yesterday, I saw him and he brought it up, and, while laughing, I told him I wanted to delete it because it was creepy. And my human was there, and in serious voice, he was like, "She actually means it. She's been complaining about it for ages and you really need to delete that picture because it really is creepy."

So Friendhuman decided that that hurt his feelings, and has since unfriended me. And I like friendhuman. The only thing that I wanted was for him to leave the picture thing alone. To have deleted it and never bring it up again. And also for him to have taken me seriously when I asked him to stop. I told him in chat that it was creepy, and I told him in person, albeit laughingly, and it too, MY HUMAN, a MALE HUMAN, for him to take WHAT I, A FEMALE KITTY, seriously. Ugh.

For now, I want my friend back. But if he's THIS butthurt about boundaries? Then I'll rend him limb from limb. In full disclosure, I find Friendhuman incredibly attractive, which might be why I want to still be friends wiv him. But whatevs.