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I Have My Work Cut Out For Me

Incident 1:

We had to administer a reading level assessment the first week of school, and I had a class set only. So I wanted to make sure students knew and remembered not to write on my tests.

I wrote on the board, as a bit of a joke, "Woe to ye who mar my tests!"

That was probably stupid. Because they didn't know the word "woe." Or "ye." Or "mar." "Miss, what language is that word?" was a question I got from several class periods. They didn't believe me when I said that it was English.


Incident 2:

We did a discussion about cultures, subcultures, and cultures with which we identify. I had the kids choose 5 cultures that they feel themselves to be part of or influenced by, and to make it fair I listed 5 of mine. One of them was "feminism."

No one knew what feminism was. Not one student.


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