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I have never been so happy to sift a shit filled litterbox

I have bought, with y’all’s wonderful assistance: special cat litter, Feliway diffuser, cat calming collar, cat calming spray, and cat calming treats. I have a vet appointment next week. The place I’m going to has a free first time exam and consult, so I’m going to have a full diagnostic and probably blood work done on her. I wouldn’t have been able to afford blood work without the efforts of you fine folk. Thank you all so so so much.

I don’t know if Feliway works, but the litter does wonders. I’ve been kenneling The Lady Bunningham while we’re not home so the carpet around the door is ripped, but so far she hasn’t gone out of her box since getting the (I can’t stop laughing at the name) Precious Cat Attract litter. She has discovered that she can sit on top of the coat rack and stars judgementally down upon the world, though right now, there is a purring cat giving my poor abused elbow lovebites right now.


My human seems to be neutral but affectionate to her. He even talked about building her a scratching post. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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