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I have news, a quick question, and a cute gif!

Hi, guys! As some of you might remember I got fired recently. Boo! But yesterday I went into for a bunch of job interviews, and one of the places hired me on the spot. Yay!

This is amazing news and I'm really excited because it's full time, with benefits, and the job seems like it could lead to a really neat (and stable!) career for me. The only thing is, I won't be getting my first paycheck until December, because my first day isn't until next week. So I'm very worried about being able to pay for necessities for my cats until then, not mention helping out my mother with money for groceries. She's in the middle of a nasty divorce, so the financial situation in the house is not great.

I've been panicking about this, but then I thought I could maybe sell some of my things to raise the money to get through the next few weeks. I don't have a lot of value to sell, except for books.


I went to grad school for history, so I have lots of medieval history books, some amazing books about women's history, and some very cool books about the history of sexuality. If you're interested in the history of witchcraft, I have a lot of books about that, as well. I also have a very large collection of Stephen King hardbacks, and vintage sci-fi paperbacks.

Would anyone be interested in this? Should I make a post listing my books, or maybe wait until the Sunday garage sale post?

Here's the cute gif I promised - it's a lady hedgehog doing her grocery shopping :)

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