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I have no idea what I'm doing

For the past couple of years I’ve been working as a consultant, but since the projects were short term, one-off things for the most part, I just operated as a sole proprietor. But I just got a large, multi-year contract (Yay!) and I will have subcontractors, and so I have decided to create an S-corporation. And I have no idea what I’m doing. I mean, I’ve done a lot of googling and I think I’ve made a list of all the forms I need to fill out and what not. But what’s tripping me up is the idea of having bylaws, shareholder meetings with minutes, issuing stock, etc. I mean, it’s all just me. I’m envisioning myself having an imaginary meeting in which I pretend to be all the members of the board, each with their own hats and voices (I need a gavel!). Do single owner corporations actually do this? Any advice from business owners out there? Or anything that you are glad you did/wish you had known/totally f-ed up when you were forming your business? Advise me, GT!


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