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Gay rights have been in the news here recently because we're in the middle of a Constitutional reform and many people have been calling for proper civil rights for the gay community. They aren't enforced, but we still have discriminatory laws on the books that criminalize gay sex (buggery) and even bar gay people from entering the country. In the past, the laws have been selectively enforced to harass gay citizens. A survey said that 54% of the country is in favour of gay rights, but generally, those with the loudest voices tend to be pretty anti-gay, AND we're dealing with rivalling religious factions who cna only seem to agree that that TEH GAYZ ARE KILLING US ALL.

Everyone and their mother has weighed in, and this is the latest pack of ass to get published.

In a phone interview yesterday, Clarke related homosexuality to the increase in crime, saying young men are usually indoctrinated into gangs with homosexuality and because of the violation of their manhood use the gun as a symbol of their masculinity.



And what annoys me so much is that unlike in the US where people might just come out and admit their bigotry, people here actually think they have the moral high ground. They really think crime and teen pregnancy and school dropouts etc, can all be solved with prayer. WTF.

It's so frustrating, because the people who are given the authority, who are perceived to know what they're talking about, are completely full of shit. And this is what the uninformed are reading the papers everyday. If in the next 6 months we end up in the international media for being a bigot's paradise (complete with white sand beaches!) don't be surprised.

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