I feel like I'm the only person who watched Doctor Who who wants no part of the 50th year special. It's actually causing a bit of a contraversy in my house.

I watched the first season of the reboot during a sick day and fell love. I'd heard about Doctor Who, but the older episodes weren't in syncidation where I was, and to get the DVDs was way out of my budget. I couldn't believe that I hadn't gone crazy and found every single episode before then.


I hooked my husband on Ten, and we watched most of those shows together. He'd record it, I'd show up at his house, and we'd watch the episodes with a bottle of wine and a plate of nibblies.

I watched the first season of Eleven, and I wasn't as entranced. I tried to mark it up as being in mourning for Ten. I made it halfway through another season before a shift in schedules cancelled wine and cheese and Doctor Who night.

I missed the other seasons, but later tried to go back. But since then, I'd realized that I really didn't like the direction the show had taken. I felt like it wasn't trying as hard. It would wave something fan servicy just enough times so I'd forget and doubts I had. "Huh, this new companion doesn't seem to be that well formed—- Oh! River Song! River Song is back!" "Okay, the past five minutes have pretty much been nothing but T&A shots—- OMG He did a goofy thing! I can't wait to see that gif later!"

I just... fell out of love. This is the first time I've walked away from a fandom this way.


My husband really wants to watch the fiftieth anniversary special tonight. I told him to go ahead, but he wants to watch it with me. I just feel like it would be like going to the wedding of the guy that broke your heart. You're over it, but everyone else is so happy for him, and you'd rather pretend it's not happening.