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I have no words...

...well, I have plenty of them, but I think I’d make a sailor blush as the air turned blue. Blarggh. I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours fine-combing all 6 of us in my apartment. Other-Husband shaved heads at his place, and Husband vacuumed (ok, that took me like 5 tries to spell. Wtf?) and stripped beds.


To be more succinct, head lice. BabySmacks had head lice. Thank all the gods that I appear to have caught it right away, because ONLY BabySmacks had it, but I still had to comb out and examine everyone. I tell you what, I was so afraid to put that comb to my own head... the last time my darling children passed them along to me, I combed for something like 4 hours. But I and all the rest seem to be clear.

BabySmacks opted to have his head shaved, after I had combed out everything I could find. LittleSmacks2 also wanted his head shaved, although he was clear, because that’s his preferred hairstyle, anyway. OldestSmacks recoiled in horror from the idea of getting rid of his amazing moptop, so... endless combing there. And y’all know that LittleSmacks3 has loooong hair. It’s more than halfway down his back. So much combing, but he’s clear, too. He’s decided that he wants to go and donate his hair and now is as good a time as any, so we’re going to get it cut tomorrow. (This makes me sad, partly because he’s my mini-me, but it’s up to him, so *sniff* ok.)

I am now sitting at my buddy’s, and he is generous with his smokeables when I am freak-out-stressed. Spelling is a lot harder than you’d think right now, so please pardon any errors!

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