...or maybe I have too many and they’re all jumbled together and I can’t pick just the right one.

My ex-boyfriend, with whom I broke up two months ago, passive-aggressively sent me an anonymous message on my tumblr saying that he was hurt that I didn’t want to know him and have him in my life, mentioning that the one year anniversary of our first date had been a few weeks ago, and then wished me a joyous life.


This is AFTER he promised me that I could be the one to re-initiate contact with him when I was ready—TWICE, because he texted me a month ago with similar whinings, and I told him I needed more time—and now this bullshit?! He is a grown-ass man, and I’m pissed that he’s behaving like a little boy. I was not interested in being a member of his menagerie of ex-girlfriends, and we did not end well...though he got a version that made it seem better than I felt on my end. It’s like he needs all his exes to be friends with him to assure him that he’s a Good Guy or something.

Goddamn it. I was just thinking that maybe I was ready to reach out to him, and now I’m just angry at him again. (And I responded as such).