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I have no words: Racist Psycho Idiot Tweets Photo of Lynching To Azealia Banks -GRAPHIC IMAGES WARNING

Guys, I am done. Just totally done.

This is going on Twitter right now. Some person (using that term loosely as I suspect this is actual the mortal instrument of Beelzebub at work here. ONLY EXPLANATION FOR REAL) tweeted the worst kind of photo you could actually imagine, all in the name of hyping the music of a pop star they prefer over another one.

I censored this image, because while I think it's important to discuss this and talk about why the fuck shit like this is on a place like Twitter, I'm not going to put this on Groupthink.


This is where it exists, if you want to see what this psycho asshole tweeted. TRIGGER WARNING TIMES ONE MILLION. No exaggeration; it's awful.

Yes, it is a graphic photo of an actual lynching. That someone in the 'Cher Army' would be appropriate to tweet at Azealia Banks. Because they think Cher is better at music than another artist. Oh, OK then. SEEMS RATIONAL I GUESS.

Some pretty epic take downs/reactions going on right now:


So, this isn't about drawing attention to one idiot who says something stupid (I hesitate to give any attention .this loon, but DAMN, the response on Twitter is exploding right now and I thought Groupthink would be interested in that aspect.)

When we're living in a world where shit like this exists on the Internet, no one gets to run around saying we live in a 'post-racial' society. Nope. Just shut the fuck already, because the rest of us are absolutely fucking DONE.

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