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I have not been this drunk in a long time.

I went to a concert tonight. I had more to drink tonight than I have in months. The concert was cool...but maybe it was partially due to the fact that I am DRUNK. My colleagues are fucking awesome. I love them. I wish I was as cool as they were. I dunno. I think I told someone their boyfriend was really hot. Luckily, she was like "yeah, he's totally hot, you're welcome to look" and I looked. Boy did I look.

Tomorrow, I will be working with a power drill. This should be fun.

A colleague asked me out for coffee while we were hanging out. I had to decline because I'm going to Chicago. I've never been so I cannot wait. I need to get back on a regular, normal-people sleep schedule. I'm staying with my aunt and uncle so there will be cats.


My roommate isn't home right now so I can make all the noise I want! YEAH.

I will now eat porridge and watch 'Say Yes to the Dress' and maybe I'll message someone on OKC while I'm too drunk to be a weenie about it.

Best end to a Friday ever.

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