On Friday, my husband and I are going to London, and then on to Paris. And I don't wanna.

This is supposed to be our honeymoon (2 and a half years late!) and our first vacation in about 4 years. And I really just do not feel like going. The amount of work I have to do getting things ready for our pet sitter (to say nothing of how anxious I am about leaving my baby with a stranger, since we just moved here) and the notion of packing are just stressing me out so much that I don't feel like it's worth it just to go to Paris. Also we are both getting over some nasty colds and I'm worried we're going to be half-sick with runny noses and perpetual exhaustion the entire time.

I feel like this is so far past a first world problem, it's like a My Super Sweet 16 problem. Help me get excited. Help me pack (I can't justify checking a bag for a 6 day trip, so my wardrobe must be carry-on sized). Packing is actually a huge problem for me because I generally change clothes 57 times per day, and my mood is basically ruined if I don't feel okay about how I look, and it is impossible to anticipate how I will feel about how I look in any given outfit, no matter how tried and true it had previously been. I also need to pack for a range of activities from fancy evening stuff to formal lunches and one work thing at the Louvre, to moderately sophisticated but still essentially a tourist doing tourist things. Also, I don't do casual, I hate wearing jeans, and I'm only bringing heels.

Waaaaaaaaaah I am The Worst. No really, I'm a delight. Nope, no actually I am The Worst. And my husband is a saint.