Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have posting privileges!! And Writer stuff....

I do not have an appropriate gif for expressing my excitement, but rest assured that I am excited about this.

So I am the ML for my Nanowrimo region. This means I'm cat herder-in-chief. My co-ML and I are over achievers and start doing events in October. Noveling 101/102, a Plotting Bash, a character workshop, a world building exercise, and other events. We hold write-ins during the month of November including an entire day of writing dangerously. We are a teeny bit nuts about this and both secretly dream of quitting our tech jobs to teach creative writing to the world. (Unlikely.)


That being said, I could use the hive mind's assistance. I'm looking for inexpensive things to include in the goodie bags that we make for the kickoff. We've done the same type of things for the last several years and I'd like to shake it up this year. I'm a crafter so I'm not afraid of a little work (unless it involves cutting out 150 circles. that lesson was learned two years ago.)

We normally include

  • a writer's block rock and handout explaining it,
  • a die,
  • handouts with a grid of characters, plot devices, items, and other things that they can use to shake up their novels,
  • a plot ninja that the other wrimos fill out (three things that you can do to shake up your novel),
  • a plot bunny (a card full of scene ideas) that the other wrimos fill out,
  • candy,
  • cocoa,
  • pen/pencil,
  • more candy.

Ideas? I need them. Help?

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