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I’ve never had Birchbox, but the post today inspired me: let’s talk subscription boxes, any kinds! Which ones are you interested in? Which ones do you have? Which ones have you tried but no longer have? I’ll go first :)

Subscription Boxes I Want:

I’m looking into Gwynnie Bee. It would be nice to have new pieces in my wardrobe and be able to try before I buy. The lowest price plan they have is $50/mo, though. If you’ve tried it, or even know someone who has, I’d love to get your thoughts on if it was worth it!


I’m also looking into Blue Apron or Home Chef. I’m in a cooking/eating rut that isn’t healthy and was thinking something like this might make me live a little healthier. Has anyone ever tried one of these cooking boxes? What did you like/not like?

Subscription Boxes I Have:

I do Ipsy, which I love. No bag is ever a knock out, but I always get at least one item that I love and another that is practical.

I also just got Sephora’s playbox, but they’re going to my house. I’m elsewhere for the summer, so I won’t be able to report back on that one until September. Has anyone else gotten the playbox, yet?

I only have enough budget, long term, to do one of these. Here’s hoping by September I’ll have enough information to decide.


Subscription Boxes I’ve Tried:

I’ve done GlossyBox. It was actually really great and I wish I could have afforded to keep it going through Grad school. Everything I got from it was high quality. Some of the colors and shades were off, though. But maybe that’s just me—I’m just not able to pull off blackish/purple lip gloss.


So let’s hear about your subscription box experiences!

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