Welcome To The Bitchery

I have posting rights!

I just checked compose post and saw I was granted author privlidge! I actually squweed a little bit but since I'm at work I had to keep it inside. That being said....

I just wanted to say thanks to Slay Belle and the mods for choosing me. I've found there to be much more interesting discussions and a much friendly atmosphere here than on the MP. Since I'm at work I post on my phone since we use IE 8 at work and Kinja and it don't like each other. This...



Pretty much says how I feel about that. So I won't be doing to long a first post. I just wanted to give a formal intro of myself.

I'm early 30s, male. I live in Oklahoma City and work for the I.T Help Desk for DHS. I'm a huge fan of New England sports teams, but mainly the Red Sox. Probably will try to get some baseball talk going on this year. I'm a bit of a nerd.Things like Star Trek and anime. Expect a lot of MsT3k GIFs in my posts, best show ever. I'm rambling so I'll stop now. I'm very excited. Hope you all have a great day.

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