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My fiance wanted to cover our grody black formica bathroom countertops with feather finish concrete. I agreed, provided he would let me smooth on the concrete. I said this because he tried to paint a wall in our condo and slopped the paint on so thick that there were drips drying into it and I had to go back and smooth it out with a roller, then repaint myself.

I got sick, and he proceeded with the project anyway.

We ended up with an inch-thick layer of concrete that was incredibly rough. I wanted to chisel it all off and start over with my putting the concrete on. He disagreed and just chiseled it down a little, and I put a layer on over it. It still was unusable, really. It was smoother, but it would never be smooth.


His friend came over to help him finish the project tonight - a week after it started - and insisted it had to be chiseled off. Which they are now doing, and which I wanted to DO A WEEK AGO. I haven't been able to use my master bath because my fiance has failed to clean up the concrete chunks from the floor. I take a bath every night. We have no bath in our guest bathroom. I AM SO LIVID. SO FUCKING LIVID. It is 8pm on Friday and they are starting to chisel off and then start from scratch? And they claim they can get it all done tonight...? No fucking way. Each layer has to mostly dry before you can apply the next because it has to be sanded.

I need a punching bag.

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