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Please don't hate me.
After breaking up with my bf of almost a year bc I felt he wanted to be single I called him on Friday. Literally only 5 days after breaking up. I love him :(

Basically called to say hi, how've you been? We chatted for a bit and I said I was wrong before, that we can be friends and he agreed. Then I said i thought it would be cool if we still went to Mexico as friends, just blow off steam and have a good time. He was like "wow, really? Why don't we have lunch or coffee in person sometime this weekend?" So we're meeting later today when I'm done with the LSAT.

Idk what to expect. I know I'm probably being a reckless person but fuck it. YOLO, I'm only 24 gonna make mistakes. I'll never know unless I try. What do y'all think?

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