I should be working but NAH!

You name it, they probably have a picture of it. Problem is that most people have no idea how to take a damn photo or how to review a photo and see if it's "good enough" to post.

Too close, too big, too blurry, too much glare...

And some of the tattoos in the pictures... OH.MY.GAH.RA!

Add a gun and this one would be perfect


Is their mom a cat? or is this mom's cat? Who knows?


And what about this one listed under "ankle" as Girl with Ankle Band Tattoo


That's not a tattoo. That's an actual ankle bracelet. I CAN SEE THE LINKS STANDING AWAY FROM HER SKIN!

I have found some I thought were really good.

And thank you, GhostofCourtneyStoddensBoobs for helping me with my formatting problem