Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A friend of mine got me all excited about the Gatsby Summer Afternoon coming up in a few weeks at the Dunsmuir Estate in Oakland. I've done it a few times and the 1920s is sort of a "meh" era for me, fashion-wise (I have boobs, a waist, and hips. None of these things looks great in a shapeless sack), so I don't attend regularly. But this year, I was invited to participate with my friend's group that is going all out Francophile 1920s, and I am a sucker for a theme within a theme event!

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I settled on The Perfect Hat, and found a vintage dress that is close enough to the 1930s that I won't look like a feed sack in heels, but OMFG I just spent a shitton of money! The 1920s ain't cheap, guys! Especially when I've got to look, you know, authentic n' shit, rather than just throw on something vaguely 20s-ish and a strand of pearls and call it good.

And my friend keeps sending me links to even more expensive, yet fabulous dresses. I wish I had her clothing budget... Sigh.

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