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And He tastes like chocolate:

Just...tilt your head sideways to see the ingredients because it's Friday and I'm lazy.


Just throwing it out there because I've been thinking about dark chocolate ever since discussing it with a few people during the week, and this is truly the most I've ever spent on a chocolate bar*, but when it's made with parts of God, I guess the materials cost is going to be pretty high.

On a slightly less banal note - the chocolate are about 3" squares, an ounce in weight, and each square is 120 calories in theoretical nutritional math. Personally, I'm more stoked about the super low sugar count (8g) and high protein/fiber counts (2g each). FOR CHOCOLATE PEOPLE. FOR CHOCOLATE.

I very rarely eat sweets, but fuck me if this isn't the highlight of my day. NOW GIVE ME MORE KINDS OF CHOCOLATE TO EAT. Y'know, for my heart...*cough cough*

*Is this where I should add #YOLO?

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