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I Have the Best Eye Doctor

I love my optometrist, you guys. I have ridiculously bad eyes, the kind of prescription eye doctors are always shocked to see, so seeing an eye doctor regularly is a necessity. This morning I had an appointment, and he totally gave me a Tootsie Pop for "being so brave during the glaucoma test." (I am a huge baby with glaucoma tests. Can't stand them.) It cracked me up. He also gave me an expensive new contact cleaning case and solution that is supposed to reduce protein buildup so I don't have to replace my contacts so often. And he brought my husband in to show him a simulation of how I see, because "You can't really understand what she goes through every day until you look through her eyes." Then he gave me an extra discount on the exam because I don't have vision insurance. AND he remembered me even though I'd only seen him once, two and a half years ago, and was asking me questions about personal things he remembered. I've never come out of an eye appointment so pleased.


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