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When beloved friends ... post anti-choice b.s. on Facebook. Repeatedly. In the same morning. And they're beloved and they have a cute new toddler, so you don't want to hide them ... but it's soooo. effing. ragey.

On this tangent but unrelated to said friend, as I was driving through Missouri yesterday, I got a call from a pro-Life group looking for donations. How/why do they have my phone number?

I was polite because the stupid phone person might need the job, but JESUS CHRIST. When she asked where I stood on the issue of abortion it was like, "Uh. I stand in a place that doesn't discuss it with telephone solicitors?" Then she called me a baby murderer.

Let me get this straight. You. Called ME. I didn't call you names. And then you drop that shit? Getting "scientific evidence" on facebook from someone who I know to be an intelligent and empathetic human being is THE LAST STRAW.

I got no rest this weekend.
Morning yoga was too hard and I am stiff from the car. It was frustrating.
I am tired. Hormonal. Borderline weepy.

Why is it Monday?


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