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I did some last-minute shopping for Christmas treats and groceries this afternoon, and I stopped by PetCo to get the dogs their presents — a stuffed elephant for Sophie, a stuffed squirrel for Buster, and a bag of rawhide chew sticks for them to share. PetCo is right next to Trader Joe’s, so I just dropped the toys into one of the grocery bags.

When I got home I dropped the bags on the floor to hang up my keys and take off my shoes, and Buster immediately started digging through one of the bags. I’ve never seen him do that, not even when I buy dog treats, so I was confused until he triumphantly unearthed the elephant from the bottom of the bag and happily dashed into the living room to play with it. It was still in its cardboard hanger, but he didn’t care — he was just so thrilled with his new toy.

I’d planned to give them the toys tomorrow morning, but I could hardly take it away after that, so I pulled out the squirrel, too, and they got Christmas Eve presents instead. Now they’re happily playing and wrestling each other for the toys, and I am laughing at them a lot.


No idea how Buster knew there was a present for him in the grocery bag, but it was ridiculously cute. Apparently he can smell new toys!

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