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I have the worst case of the IDONWANNAS

I'm sick. Not terribly sick, but it's the sinus and throat thing like so many other people have had lately, so I'm hoarse and cranky and I don't know what temperature I am from one moment to the next (can't tell whether that's fever or hormones ... or fever and hormones). Was off work yesterday because I felt so rotten and am off today as well, though I'm upright now, mainly because I need to drain my head. So, since I'm capable of staggering around, at least, and am not throwing up or anything , you'd think I could get some little things done around the house, like maybe emptying the dishwasher. But IDONWANNA. I could sort the vast piles of laundry that need doing, even if I don't have the strength to drag them downstairs, but IDONWANNA. I really should be pulling together that various pieces of paper I will need to take to the tax man before the end of the month, but IDONWANNA. I could clean something - in any given room in this place there is something that desperately needs cleaning but IDONWANNA. I feel like a three-year-old on the verge of a tantrum. I just feel like throwing myself around and wailing, for no reason that I can comprehend. Everything just feels like it is way too much for me to handle, even though "everything" is really nothing out of the ordinary. I might have to do what a three-year-old would do and go down for a nap. I just feel like I am capable of nothing in life and will break anything I touch.*

ETA: just after typing that I tripped on the rug.


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