It's been a nutty few weeks. For those of you playing along at home, you might recall I had my gallbladder removed, then I got sick and completely lost my voice for about 10 days, then (in the midst of the laryngitis) a relative of mine died from ALS. I tried to call out from work because I couldn't speak and wanted to go to my relative's funeral, but because I teach classes on Mondays I was interpreting my manager's texts' tone as disapproving and disappointed, and began to fear I was going to get fired.

The new development is that I can now speak, and I haven't been fired (and won't be). Also, today is the last day of my classes, so I am SO EXCITED. I've hated every minute of those classes, and I will not be teaching again!


Also, my babydog's 7th birthday was yesterday! I love her from the bottom of my heart! Of course, she destroyed one of the toys I got her in about 10 minutes. But she really seems to like the frisbee and the treats I got her. Enjoy them, beautiful girl!