Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As some of you know (those of you who have read my rambling posts and bless you for having the patience), Mr. Waffle and I have been through some hard times. We went on a grand adventure early in our marriage, came home poor and went through bankruptcy while being financially and emotionally manipulated.

I found a job and have been there for three long, miserable years. In that time, Mr. Waffle has been to two different schools and held a couple different jobs. He finally settled on horticulture and became immersed in it, taking classes and working in the greenhouses on campus. He was supposed to have been done in may, but found out he needed plant biology and another elective. He got a job offer in another state, which set in motion a whirlwind of moving and relocating talks. I had to tell him we couldn't move—we can't afford to uproot our life on a whim and one salary, I need help if we're going to do this.


He decided to get a job. He's not taking the two last classes (for now), and is working a 40 hour workweek and bringing home a substantial paycheck. I'm thrilled because this means less pressure on me.

Today he tells me his parents called over the weekend, and offered to give him the money he'd be making at his new job if he quits and takes his two last classes. Understand that his parents are quite well-to-do... and also CHAMPION enablers. They use their money as a means of controlling their children, and at nearly 40, Mr. Waffle is still under their power.






He didn't even consult me first. He calmly and firmly uttered the word into his saintly smother's desperate ear. He turned down the chance at thousands of dollars to take two classes BECAUSE, YOU GUISE, HE LOVES HIS FUCKING WIFE. THAT'S ME!! He DOES want to help me, he DOES want me to struggle less! He DOES want to be free from their clutches!!


I do want him to be able to take his last two classes, but shit, does it have to cost me another six months of being the sole breadwinner at a job I hate? The man has two bachelor's degrees and has gotten interviews and job offers already without the certificate—will it really make any difference? Doesn't experience mean more to employers? And part of our "moving out west" agreement was he'd have some job experience under his belt, because I'm not moving cross-country on a whim, AGAIN, to get a job with shitty pay and still be the sole breadwinner.

This feels like a huge step forward in the maturity category, and I'm really proud of him for it.

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