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I have to go car shopping. Halp. ETA 2: bless you beautiful people!

So my car, Louise, who gave my mother in law 7 years of loyal service, and gave me another 4 and a half years, has officially gone kaput. Well, if I was willing to sink another $2000 into her, which I am not after spending about $1500 total over the last 8 months on other things that broke. There was an awesome final journey with a very loud horrible noise increasing in volume, ending with an unreasonable amount of white smoke coming out of the back of my car. It was a very horrible commute last night.

SO- I am not a car person. I need a car, but I don’t really have any preferences on what make of car or anything. I know I want a sedan sized car, 4 door, and it would be nice to have the fancy bluetooth thing all the kids have now. Also the rear backup camera would be nice. But like I really don’t even care about the color or anything. My previous car had a sunroof, which I liked. All the people seem to say you don’t buy a new car, you buy a gently used car, but I don’t know where to start, honestly. What websites are good? Like, what should I be looking for? HALP!

ETA: any people with Oppo posting privileges feel free to share there. I am fully prepared for the tuts of judgement. I am not a car person. I seek the wisdom of you, oh wise car people! Help guide a clueless girl!


ETA 2: Sorry I disappeared. My work has been bananas and I’ve been working at home when I get off regular hours. Thank you all so much! You have given me lots of good information. Shout out to the Oppo folks- Y’all give car people a good name. Ive got a car savvy friend doing some research for me this weekend. Y’all rock!

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