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I have to go to a restaurant I don't like tomorrow

First world problem, whatever. We're going to meet up with a former colleague of my husband who just had a baby a couple months ago, along with her husband and the baby. I never met her for whatever reason (but consider many of his former coworkers friends) but they live like 10 minutes down the road from us, in a different city from where they used to work, so they're practically neighbours. Anyway, they chose the restaurant and I hate it. This is what I get for trying to be easygoing and not making all the executive decisions.

Last time I ate there, this was my salad (true photo of my lunch):

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In case you can't tell, yes that is an intact half head of iceberg lettuce with some jizz squirted on top.

I'm sure these people are nice but I'm terrified of what I'm going to have to consume tomorrow.


ETA Apparently this is a "wedge salad" and is something consumed in the Estados Unidos. Guys, you make decent food. Knock this fuckery on the head, will you?

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