I received a Christmas present from Lululemon, luckily with a gift receipt because it does not. fit. at. all. (In light of recent conversations, TW for size numbers, but this is not a weight post.) I have until tomorrow to return/exchange it, so I am going to the mall today to tackle this problem. Should I walk in and ask for a refund, or try for an exchange?

The sweater is a size 6, and according to their website they go up to a size 12. A size 10 or 12 would likely fit me properly, although I'm not sure since things are so tight. However, I know that they often don't even carry their largest sizes, and I am not sure I can handle them laughing at me if I ask for larger sizes ("larger" PFSH). This has legit happened before when I was looking for pants before the whole anti-Lululemon media campaign. Does anyone know if asking for a size 10 sweater is a reasonable thing at Lululemon, or if that is into disapproval territory?

Last time I went to this mall I wrote a post about how upset I was being perfectly happy with my body but also perfectly unable to find any good-looking clothes that fit me. IN THE ENTIRE MALL. Okay, I may be exaggerating, because after 8 or so stores I was so disheartened I probably wasn't trying. But it was a really upsetting experience, and a struggle not to slip back into negative ways of thinking about my body. I do not want to feel that way today.


What do you think? Should I just ask for a refund so I'm not supporting a company this awful? My boyfriend's mother, who bought this for me, will likely be upset if I don't find something else at the store, but I could always lie and say there wasn't anything. Should I just ask for a refund to not embarrass myself? Or should I try to find something in the store that will fit me?

ETA: THANKS so much, everyone, for making me feel more positive about this trip. I think I'm going to look for the same sweater in a 10/12 and if it isn't there, I won't even bother trying for pants/sweaters but will skip to the less scary items that don't involve size (socks, scarves, bags!), or sports bras or something. Thank you for all of the recommendations and nice messages!