Ok, some of you know that I've had a rough patch for the past year. I've been unemployed, and it has been horrible. HORRIBLE. This comes on top of ending a 16 year relationship, after which my ex became somewhat unstable and difficult to deal with. We own a three-flat building together, and it had become a source of acute anxiety for me. Particularly after losing my job. I couldn't afford to pay my half of the mortgage. I've recently started working again, and my ex recently told me he wants to move out state, so he wants to sell the house. Fine by me. I was just hoping to break even - the home-buying market isn't great right now. We put the house on the market on Friday, and by Saturday we had an offer! Seriously??? I was expecting the house to be on the market for at least several weeks. On Monday we signed the paperwork to accept the offer. Not only is the offer clean, but they offered $25g more than we were asking! If the sale goes through (there is an inspection to get through) I will walk away with enough to pay off all my credit card debt, and still have a little "nest egg" to put away. I'm ecstatic! Please, Jezzies, cross your fingers, say lots of prayers, chant lots of mantras, anything to get this deal to go through!!