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I have to show you this.

Trigger: Abortion. Cancer.

Today, Harpers unlocked an essay from Sallie Tisdale from 1987, titled “We Do Abortions Here.” As an “old”, I read it then. I urge you to read it now along with anything else by her.


She is a nurse, essayist & memoirist. Possibly one of the most overlooked woman writers of her time. But maybe that’s just me. She speaks to me on a soul level.

I have not gone back to read this again because, time. I just wanted to make sure my GT people had the chance to read while Harpers is free.

In the mid 2000’s, she wrote an essay for Harpers titled, “Cancer World.” It is the most heartbreakingly true writing I have ever seen about chemotherapy & cancer; caring for a person & treating people with cancer.

At the time, she was (maybe still is) an Oncology Nurse. At the time, I was the caregiver for my cousin with breast cancer. 2 years later, my childhood friend with colon cancer. I send Sallie Tisdale to everyone who finds themselves in that scary twilight zone of cancer. I could never share it here, as it’s a saved PDF which Kinja does not support.


Her article is only unlocked today, so if you can’t read it now, there is a PDF download option.

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