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I have to take a break

Hello fellow Groupthinkers,

I know that some of you might wait for the next bits and bops about nutrition science, but I have to take a break. My body has told me in not so many words what it thinks about me and my PhD, and the toll it took on it. For the last two days, I did not only suffer from whatever inflammation of my gut or stomach that just gotten back to me (nausea, pain, indigestion), but I also received a big migraine (I cannot take the meds because they are bad for the intestinal lining), and a fatigue. I slept most of the time, an my whole body just hurts. I guess my immune system got finally the signal that the stress is over, and now all just comes at the same time. You gotta love a good post-stress crash. *sighs*

I miss you guys, but I am not strong enough to browse atm. I go back to bed, to peppermint tea and rice cakes, and I will post when I get better.

Sobek brought me fresh fish from the Nile, or the closest supermarket, so I will steam it later, with courgettes and rice. He is also looking for a cheap rental motorhome, to travel for a week through NZ and see something else. The weather is nice atm, warm and sunny, and I am stuck here on the couch or the bed...And I wish I could just sit in a cafe, drink a white choffee (white chocolate mocha) and enjoy myself with friends...but my friends are at work, and no coffee atm for the poor old lioness. On Sunday, I have tickets for the Armageddon expo, and I really hope I feel better then, because I plan on seeing Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban, and maybe Manu Bennett...And I feel bad because I still have not applied or looked for jobs in Germany yet, and not a single email has been written...I am unable to do DDP yoga, too...I hate being sick. And even more so when I have time that I deserve to enjoy.

Anyway, you guys take care without me. Will post stuff when I can. Have a random gif or two.


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