Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I have to tell somebody

I'm keeping this from a few people to protect them until they have to know. My OBGYN called and read me the report. It's 3-6 centimeters. That's not small. It had an irregular border. Not good. She said it could be a fibroadenoma. Those are usually found in younger women though, and on the top. Mine is underneath. One more day. I found a cool blog called But Doctor I Hate Pink! I also found a post from a woman on a forum who sounds just like me. Size, shape, placement, history, age - all the same. I would think I wrote it in my sleep but it was several years ago. But she never posted again so probably it was benign. She would have come back if she got a diagnosis.

Y'all don't have to respond, there's really no more to say. I just posted since I finally got some answers. Thanks for reading. If it's positive I'm changing my name to Tauriel and I will be GT's cancer slayer.


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