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I have told this story before...

The artist was sitting at his table sharpening, shaping his tools when a wealthy client approached him with the request for a picture of a cat. The artist told him what it would cost up front and told him to come back later. Months went by, the client came by again and again asking about his picture of a cat - only to be told to come back later. Finally the client came back and demanded his picture of a cat; the artist pulled out a fresh sheet of paper, chose the appropriate brush and contemplated the paper — with 3 strokes of the brush, he produced the perfect, idealized 'cat'. The client was stunned - he stammered for a moment then asked why didn't the artist just draw the picture when he first took the commission. The artist opened a cabinet and 1,000 sketches of cats fell out

I have finished 500 beads and given all of them away; all I ask is that if they are used to create something, I would like a picture. Since the move to my new digs (and the acquisition of the Golden Goddess, Freya) I have not been able to set up my workbench with minor torch; all the equipment is in there - it is the bench that is the issue. A friend is interested in learning to make the beads and I think that I can convince one of her husbands to help me with the bench (yes, theirs is a polyandrous relationship). Then I can get back to work and turn out the final 500 beads and then, theoretically, I will be producing some pretty nice beads. I can produce the occasional nice bead - I am shooting for being able to turn them out as casually as the original artist of the story. I will probably give away the next 500 also. It is late and time for me to get to bed.


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