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Join me in this whine post and whine about your week/day. So I feel less guilty about whining for no good reason all alone.

This whole week I've been extremely low energy. Not quite depressed but not quite happy over most things. Moody and just on the low side of neutral. Nothing bads happened. I'm just not my cheerful (or frustrated or angry or enthusiastic or sarcastic or whatever) self as I usually am. It (kind of) snowed today! I love snow! I was so excited! But it was more of a fizzle than fireworks tbh..


I LOVE my job but had the hardest time focusing and getting anything done this week. Tonight I didn't even have a beer with my coworkers, went home on time, had two beers at home and then I was so pooped that I couldn't even muster the courage to watch the new greys anatomy. I mean hells, if I can't even find the energy for that, what am I? A bag of potatoes?? Worse. Flour! Ugh. Such a waste of an epic hair-week.

I forgot my thyroid medication on monday so that's probably why. Also I should probably get my period some time soon. Can't remember when the last time was so that should probably happen.

Please whine about something trivial and make me feel less like a poophead!

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