So I am addicted to Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. At any given time there are about 40 within a hundred yard radius of my body. What? It's so necessary. Those of you who have seen it know that it looks like a glue stick. People look at me strangely for that (I'm assuming; it could just be me). They also look at me strangely because I like to slather it all over my lips and then pucker them up like a little monkey so that they are touching my nose and inhale for twenty seconds to get the lovely aroma deep into my lungs. And then I rub it into my cuticles. I should be sponsored.

Yesterday, whilst procuring a sparkly shamrock wreath at 5 Below, I came across something new*. Something... strange. It was Palmers, but in a small, NORMAL sized chap container. AND it has spf 15 in it now, AND they have a tinted Chocolate Cherry flavor. And guess what? The tint looks awesome! My lips smell like dark chocolate cherries, look very subtly red and beautiful, and are not going to get burned up by the sun! Trifecta!

Here it is (they apparently also make mint chocolate! what dark magic is this?!?):


* I am fully prepared for one/nineteen of you to be all "Yo, Bingo, that's been around in Insert Name Here for forever. Get with the times. Also, I don't believe your lips look good." Well good for you. It wasn't on two months ago! I know that! So... back off and don't ruin my Days of Discovery.