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I had forgotten what these were like, it’s been SO LONG.

Some of you are aware that I swing dance. I was backing away from it, but after my breakup I needed something to do and at the studio where I dance there’s been an influx of newer dancers coming up which means new people to get to know.


So I joined the studio’s advanced dance troupe. The troupe had stagnated over the past few years and recently got new coaches who decided that it was better to have an influx of new less experienced dancers even if the general level of dancing went down as a result. The result has been super positive - the newer people are super motivated to not suck and the more experienced people are happy to have people that are dedicated and excited to be there. It’s going to be a good year.

But, HOO BOY, my dancing partner you guyz...he’s adorkable and gangly, 10 years younger than me, and totally intimidated by me (I am the “better dancer” in our pair) and ZOMG I die of cute everytime we dance and practice together as a result.

And the pairing works well because I’m all like this when I dance:


And his general demeanor is calm and quiet so the dynamic end up being:


He’s also a full foot taller than me, so this gif is quite accurate for many reasons

Anyway, so Facebook stalking has begun. He liked my rants about #metoo on fb and this was me when I saw it:


In anycase,it’s a fun feeling to have.

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