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I haz a relax!

You guise!

I have been going gangbusters since... oh... June 2012!!! Like f'reals. I'm fucking exhausted. It has been one grueling fucking slog. And now... I have the summer OFF!


Despite Kitteh being sick and going to the vet tomorrow (honestly she's much better now, and very hungry, but I'm taking her in anyway because she's overdue for a vet appointment anyhow) it's dawning on me that I can actually haz a relax!!!!!! I'm watching Gadgetman and sighing over Richard Ayoade and laughing my ass off. I had THE shittiest winter / year at work. I didn't get the job in Paris, although I came really fucking close. They loved me, and they said there might be a position for me down the line, so I'm sad, but optimistic for the future. So it means I'm dealing with my unhealthy job situation for another year, in the smallest town I've ever lived in (which is driving me crazy), but I DON'T CARE! Wait, this might be the red wine talking. But no. I'm going to fucking chill the fuck out this summer, and paint, and sew, and decorate my abode, and do some planning for my next year - but I finally feel like I'm alive again. Which is kinda sad? Yes? I mean the academic life is pretty grueling, as it turns out. And this winter nearly killed me. I need sun. I hate snow. And it was The Worst Winter Ever. But it's fucking over.

I went to Paris twice this spring. Once for a job interview. Once to show my work. Both trips paid for. I'm not giving up my dream of living in Paris. And I'm going to rest and have some fucking fun, and come back to my job better prepared and stronger and ready. Can I get a fuck yeah!!!??

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