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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I haz a sads

Because kitten is leaving tonight to go to his new home :(

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I'm going to miss the shit out of him. Him and Siren are getting along so well, too! They were sleeping on the bed together and playing together all day. I wish I had talked my mom into letting us keep him. *Sigh.

My friend is coming by with booze and hugs to keep me company (and it's her friend who is taking kitten). Be prepared for a post immediately after about the sads.


I hope kitten likes his new home. I'm worried cuz he gets so scared around anyone who isn't me or my mom. I really, really hope he gets comfortable quickly. I'm going to tell the guy taking him that if kitten won't get comfy and it's becoming problematic, then I'll happily take him back if he wants.

Bleh. Bleh to it all.

I stopped coughing up green shit though.

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