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I haz questions!

Hey folks! So as you know, my partner is active duty military and by the end of the year we will probably be moving! I'm pretty excited for the new adventure, and I'll be closer to CLE possibly, which is really exciting. Anyway, the place Sgt BF would prefer to go is Camp Atterbury which is an hour out of Indianapolis. His other choices were Bumfuck, OK and Ft. Benning, GA and he doesn't want either of those. OK would be in the sticks, and he hates Benning.

This is where y'all come in!! Indy GTers, what do you love about your town? What cool things are there to do and see? Where can I get my eyebrows waxed for cheap? Is it exciting?? Do you know anything about Greenwood (which is where we are looking at apartments)? From what I can tell, Greenwood is about 12 miles from downtown Indy, which I'm totally comfortable with, and it seems like it would be the kind of city layout I'm used to, being from CLE.

Thanks, folks!! :-)

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