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I hit someone with my shopping cart!

Yesterday I was pushing my shopping cart down a very wide main aisle in Target. The aisle was probably 15 feet wide and I was the only person in the aisle for 30 feet in either direction. A lady and her two preteen daughters swung out of a side aisle without looking, getting right in front of me as I was going by on the right side. I had to quickly change course to avoid them, but that happens and it was no big deal. Then the mom, who was busily texting on her phone, swerved in front of me so I had to move my cart away from her to avoid running her over, which wasn’t easy because my cart was pretty full. But, again, no big deal. I kept trying to get around her and be on my way but she kept doing it! She swerved in front of my cart three times because she was texting instead of paying attention. The third time she did it I couldn’t move in time and accidentally hit her with my cart, pulling her shoe off her heel! I’m sure it hurt! I felt awful and said, “Oh, I’m SOOO sorry!” But she was incredibly pissed and gave me the evil eye and looked like she wanted to pop me. Her mean look annoyed me and I think I lost my manners. I said, “You swerved in front of me three times as I was trying to get around you.” Then I just walked off but I felt really bad about saying that to her. So what do you think? Was I a bitch?

Anyone have similar experiences with people texting instead of looking where they were going?

I wish so much I lived in a state where using the phone while driving was illegal. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had cars drift into my lane because the driver was too busy yakking on the phone. I see people texting or using their GPS all the time too!

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