I saw the unbelievable fucking asshole whose dog attacked Sophie at the park tonight.

I confronted her. She said it was probably Sophie’s fault because her dog never attacks unprovoked, and anyway the dog park is dangerous and responsible dog owners pay for their own dogs’ vet bills when they get attacked. This fucking — and I am struggling really hard not to use misogynistic insults here — woman, who is regularly bringing a violent, dangerous dog to the dog park, was trying to lecture ME on responsible dog ownership. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hit someone quite that badly.

I got her picture, and I’m sending it around to everyone I know who goes to the park — she freaked when I took it, which was at least a little satisfying. We found out from other people when douchebag is usually at the park, and my friend who is there all the time is going to try to get a better picture, as well as a picture of her license plate number.

I don’t know know what my options are, outside of small claims court, but my friend said she’d help me file if we could find her identity, and suggested making flyers with her picture, her dogs’ pictures, and Sophie’s wounds.

We’ll see what happens. Right now I’m too fucking angry to see straight.