So, I only got two of my friends graduation presents. I feel bad that I didn't do anything for my other friends, but I'm broke and also these two people are my best friends.

I both think they'll love what I got them (also I posted a while back for ideas-thanks for the feedback, I took the advice!), but I'm very insecure about giving gifts. On one hand, I feel like either they won't like them or think I'm weird for only getting them gifts. Plus I don't want them to feel like they have to give me something in return. On the other hand, these two people are very special to me, and have supported me through the really hard times I was/am having. They are probably the only people I really trust.

My one friend will really like hers, because she's so sweet and loves everything. My other friend thinks I'm a bit of a kook (but she cares about me and is kinda the voice of reason), and might feel weird about the gift. But it's something I give her every year anyways for her birthday (also, should I get her a birthday gift as well? I was thinking something that goes with the graduation gift...) and she really likes those. I'm giving it to her tonight, and I hope I can give it to her without anyone else seeing.

I just don't know! I put a lot of thought into these gifts, and I really hope they like them.

P.S.-I should probably say that the gifts are beautiful journals, and that I'm typing on my iPad and there isn't spell check for some reason. Sorry if it seems a bit wonky : /