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"I hope that doesn't put anybody off their tea."

I am SOOOOOO happy one of the commentators for this USMNT-Portugal World Cup game is British, because that's what he just said.

He was talking about how the referee stopped play to call for a water break, which is allowable under soccer rules (after at least 30 minutes into a half) given the super hot conditions in Brazil right now. (It also appears this was the first water break ever called during a World Cup).


And indeed, close-ups of the players show them utterly drenched, considering the game isn't that far along. But anyway, the commentator was talking about how hot everything is, and how everyone is sweating "including your commentators. I hope that doesn't put anybody off their tea," he said.

It was beautiful. I don't know who he is, but I want to hear him commentate everything from now on.


ETA: Also, why is Portugal's Ronaldo wearing long sleeves in that heat and humidity?!

And now we've reached the half.

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