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I hope today is better

I hope no one gets hurt today. I hope the chaos ends, and the police go home.

I want the name of the shooter of Mike Brown released. It is a matter of public record, and a matter of public safety. Any person who shot and killed another would be exposed in the media quickly; cops are citizens who must abide by laws and it's time we held them to it.

I want the Ferguson and surrounding police forces stopped. (Apparently, as I write this, this is happening now, with a statement from the governor - I don't usually care for Huffpo but here it is). I want the feds to go in there and give them a big, FUCK YOU and take away their weapons. I want them detained, arrested and prosecuted, fired, and replaced.


I want to be able to stop getting all my news from Twitter which is, while an awesome tool, unreliable on a large scale. I want the professional journalists in, and I want the damn police to stop blocking the media. I want them to pay for their harassment of the media as a way of silencing the protests and hiding the things they are doing.

I want the mainstream news to start reporting this as the people in Ferguson are experiencing it; not just as general "chaos" and a protest that got "out of hand" (it's NBC and CNN, respectively - I'm not giving them the pageclicks).

I want national action to arm every police officer with a mandatory CAMERA. New Orleans officers have to wear one strapped to their bodies, because it was decided that corruption needed to be dealt with. I want this law everywhere. As people have liked to say to "suspicious" civilians, "If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about."


I want national action to take military-grade weapons out of the hands of local police everywhere. When the police are the military, the streets are the battlefield, and the citizens are the enemy. Furthermore, I want reliable training for crowd control for cops. The war veterans posted to this Storify have some ideas.


I want the constitutional rights of the people of Ferguson restored. I want those who violated them brought to justice. I want the President to look Americans in the eye and tell them exactly what rights were violated.


This is the product of systemic racism and abuse of brown people by the police; this macho display of power and willingness to keep it secret is should shake everyone to the core - of any race.

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