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I hurt myself. In a stupid way.

So Thursday I stepped backwards from a table and tripped backwards over a kickstool that had no business being behind my foot. I couldn’t fall backwards, because behind me was an exhibit case that held a very small and delicate object, and also the case itself had many sharp pointy corners that I did not want to fall into. So with a superhuman effort I wrenched myself upright, and that was a bad idea. (Though whether it was worse than taking out a display case, I still don’t know.)

Friday was my day off and I spent all day in bed, in misery. Saturday I had to drag myself to work because the sky falls if we don’t have enough staff on a Saturday, but at least I could sit,in my ergonomic chair, and not have to move very much. By Sat aft I had realized that I was in big trouble as far as my lower back was concerned, so we had to fill out a work injury form, which pretty much took the rest of the afternoon. I stopped at the drugstore to buy muscle relxanats, the most powerful ones they would sell over the counter, and then went home and went straight to bed. I called my mother to tell her that I wouldn’t be in any shape to spend a couple of hours in the car and the day at my nephew’s birthday party, which did not make me popular, but it was the right thing to do as I’ve been in bed all day, stuporous with drugs. And tomorrow I have to rouse myself long enough to call my dr and see if I can get in that day, because I need a dr’s note and also I’d like to know if there any any muscle relaxants more powerful than what I am taking now. I’m going to have to take a cab as I can barely totter out with the dog.

I think I’ve strained or sprained something and/or pinched a nerve. It’s not quite as agonizing (yet) as the time I herniated a disk, so that’s what I’m going by. And it didn’t help that I fell out of bed today and landed on my butt because I lost my balance trying to get out of bed carefully.


And now, having reached the length of time I can sit up without gasping in pain, I will take my leave. I’m blaming this all on the Mercury retrograde.

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