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I hurt someone today

I had to tell exGod that we couldn't talk for a while. It was the right thing to do, I didn't want him to hurt like I did when I was in the same situation with Sokka, but it was still hard. I hated it and I felt like shit for hurting someone I care about and want the best for. He's applying to go back to school right now and I want to help him. He's trying to quit smoking and I want to help him. I want to be there and support him because it doesn't seem like he's getting a lot of encouragement elsewhere and he's so so smart and talented, but I know I can't because it'll keep his heart from healing and it will confuse my heart to no end. I told him I still wanted to be friends but we needed a time out in order to really make that possible.

I have to stay strong in my decision....but it hurts. I won't be able to go to kink parties for a while either because the scene is too small to get away from him or questions about him. For the time being I've lost both a good friend and the world that friend called home. I just can't seem to keep friends, can I?

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