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Welcome To The Bitchery

I...I just want the whole shebang

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I'm a little tipsy so bear with me here.

I want the whole culturally mandatory thing. I want a ring that sparkles and a big fluffy dress and a big party with all of my friends and I feel stupid for wanting it but I do. I'm in a good relationship, a solid relationship with a person I love and respect and am deeply attracted to. And we've talked about the whole marriage thing and we're on the same page about it ( it's a go, as soon as we're financially stable and stuff) But I want the romantic crap. I want him to buy me a stupid (not expensive! I WANT a fake one that sparkles but isn't crazy. Like good quality cz, or moissanite, or whatever they peddle on jewelry tv) ring and take me to a sit down dinner and ask me in a stupidly romantic Nicholas Sparksian, stupid way. And I know, I know it's just marketing and commercials and stuff, but I want it. I just want some stupid romance.


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