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I.... I think I just met the Unicorn of the cable world?

I have RCN cable and internet. Effing love the internet service, have hardly used the cable in MONTHS. Seriously, maybe one show a week. Everything else I can get on Hulu+ or Netflix. Or with a fancy antenna. Which now I need a new one of, for MUCH less than I was paying per month in cable service, because I called the guy and slashed my bill in half by going "I don't want to pay for a service I don't use."

No trying to keep me. No cajoling. No bouncing me between departments. Just "Oh, you don't use it and don't want to pay for it? Sure thing. Boom. Done."

Not sure if real or if dream.

Will be ordering a HDTV antenna so I can continue to watch my beloved Brian Adams. It'll cost me maybe $40 in one go. I'm saving more than that PER MONTH now. This makes me fucking GIDDY.


And if I ever want cable again? I just call them and add it right back.



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